Anonymous said…

“Consciousness” radiates and gravitates, it’s in effect, throughout all phenomena. The proposition that ‘consciousness is moving TOWARD something…’ is a flight of fancy (respectfully) claimed by those who seek to deny (project upon others) their own nature of ‘gravitation (dark side)’

“Truth” is, we are all consequences of this ‘light, dark (radiating-gravitating/opposing vortexes)’ and the troubles we face as a society and personally, arise from the religiously conditioned mind. Which not just demands an “ideal,” (which is fair enough) but condemns all that falls outside of such limited perspectives.

Living the (so-called) “truth” that all is ONE, requires the acceptance that the condemnation of another (the usual scape-goats of illumi-blati; NWO; dark cabal, elite… the list is long) is in “truth” condemnation of the self. And as long as this persists, deceptively veiled as some sort of noble-ideal; the claimed peace, abundance… desired will not just remain as the ever-promised land – but the predictable descent into its ‘polar-opposite’ will ‘naturally’ (by universal law) ensue.

Forgive your own unconscious-guilt, then you will be free from the ego’s insistence of projecting this torment upon ‘others.’ Then you are free to be the solution, unfettered by the dualistic-dilemma, which binds you to your predictable nightmare. Be the example. Seek to change no-one, but the only-one you can – yourself.