Good Vibrations

Although it may be hard to comprehend, the human being has at its centre the force of immortality, you have always been in existence in one form or another. The same goes for all sentient beings, living creatures, organic life forms and even those things which are considered not alive, such things as earth, air, water and fire. In fact there is nothing in existence that does not have some level of awareness. This force that resides at the centre of everything has been known as many names over countless ages, the Great Spirit, fohat, the force, and god, in simple terms these words all describe the same thing from a different perspective… energy.

Energy is the cause of all things because nothing precedes energy, it cannot be created, nor can it be destroyed, so it is everything. It has always been everything, every thought, action, emotion, object, and being. Energy is the cosmic chameleon or the transcendental shape shifter working behind the scenes. Energy transforms from one form into many forms, these forms are the effects that we sense on seen and unseen planes. The universal effect and the amazing splendour it emanates is an expression of an underlying substance which is supremely intelligent but by its own playful design, ever so forgetful, a trait that has been passed onto the human beings without exception, can you remember what you was doing at this precise time a month ago. Without forgetfulness the magic of self discovery would not be possible and for something that is never ending that simply won’t do, rest plays an integral part in these theatrical designs, just as rest (sleep) plays a key note in harmonizing human experience.

We see and hear less than 1% of the electromagnetic and acoustic spectrum, so ponder this when you consider the cosmos, then ask yourself what is the other 99% doing. The vastness of it all is incomprehensible to tiny points of human-sized awareness when you consider the scale of awareness. Humanity is a tiny bubble appearing in an infinite energy ocean that is largely unseen but wholly present.To understand what is there know what is here.

The energy that is you, Joe and Jane Doe, the human being, is not separate from the Great Spirit – it is the Great Spirit spinning (transforming) a part of its SELF into the experience it believes to be you. The centre point of this infinite awareness or Great Spirit is YOU. You are the gateway to good vibrations and that gate can be opened or closed at will (choice)..