Sine of The Times

In eleven days, according to cultures and commentators around the world, our solar system, the sun and it’s planets will begin to move through the galactic plane. The 21st December 2012 is a date that has become synonymous with doom and gloom in the popular media and movie industry. Besides all the melodramatics surrounding this date what is understood is that this crossing happens once every 24000 years and marks a time where humanity passes from one age into another. According to the Mayan’s it’s the end of their long count calendar and the Hindu tradition informs us that we are moving out of the Kali Yuga and into the Dwapara Yuga the bronze age.

More about this in a moment, but first, given the length of time that passes for our solar system to complete this cycle shouldn’t this be a time of great celebration. Where is the global fanfare? Where is the party? The Solar system is heading into a new energy cycle – think of the “money” they could make off this one. The world celebrated the passing of a millennium not so long ago and yet here we are, back at the same 24000 year point and strangely you see tumbleweeds drifting across the landscape. Why is there so much misinformation about the Mayan long count and doomsday end of the world nightmares like that depicted in the Hollywood movie 2012. Do you think it might have something to do with channeling fear energy… after all, that’s the only energy they can handle.

This misrepresentation is not born out of ignorance and rather than allow an opportunity for humanity to embrace this crossover people are being forced to shift their awareness on fear based distractions. Where your attention goes energy flows. We have reached a junction in the road where common sense has been exchanged for non-sense. The world has turned into a hideous pantomime, life has become a lucid nightmare that has left billions of people teetering on the edge of war, chaos and confusion.

sine age wrong

The Yuga Cycles – moving through the ages

In the video The Crossover:2012 numerous commentators discuss this coming change of the ages and the potential impact it can have on the consciousness of humanity. It’s a very valuable presentation that highlights knowledge hidden in plane view but out of sight.

The diagram above is an adaptation of a sine wave diagram that was used in the “The Crossover” documentary to explain the rise and fall of conscious awareness corresponding with the solar system as it ascends and descends through the ages… but something doesn’t sit right, for me, at least. The sine wave is a two-dimensional interpretation of a three-dimensional loop and therefore presents the ages as being stacked on top of one another as the solar system moves up and down through them. This doesn’t demonstrate the three-dimensional motion of the sine as shown below. You have to look at it from a three-dimensional perspective.



Three Dimensional (number) interpretation of the ages

The above number diagram is a digital expression of the primary electromagnetic pulse/cycle which is inherent in nature from micro to macro. It is the SINE of the times – an infinite loop from which the image of the wave is adopted, the 24hr clock is derived, the ages and season are calculated and 11yr solar cycles tracked. The 00:00 point in the center symbolizes the four primary directions, up, down, left and right as well as simultaneously symbolizing mid-night and mid-day. It can be deemed the central nucleus from which the basis and foundation of DNA base pairs is derived.


The Loop of Infinity

This life-giving/life-taking energy cycle begins with a pulse that will see the birth of twin stars that will eventually evolve into galaxies like their parent that ejected them from the galactic nucleus. These energy pulses are the equivalent of unconditioned awareness, Quasars beginning their lives as Suns. Both of these infant Suns move through Fire and Water in opposition, which like Air and Earth are geometrically defined energy regions in space. The Sun and it’s twin are “mirror” opposites, divided by galactic mirror planes which facilitate geometrical phase changes at the 3, 6 and 9 nodes/points, i.e. the pulses change direction.

Astronomer Halton Arp’s model of galactic ejection: High-redshift quasars are ejected from an active galactic nucleus – often in pairs in opposite directions along the galaxy’s spin axis. As they move away from the galaxy, their redshifts decrease, their mass increases, and they slow down. As they fall back toward the galaxy, their matter differentiates into stars, and they evolve into companion galaxies or galactic clusters, whose redshifts continue to approach, stepwise, the redshift of the parent galaxy.

We are currently in solar cycle 24 (00:00) and it is believed we are coming out of the Kali Yuga, which is an incredibly dark age for mankind, and into another Dwapara Yuga or Bronze age… but for me, the natural direction of the pulse can only take us into the Satya Yuga or Golden Age through the “spiritual” equivalent of the metaphorical baptism of Fire. It should be remembered though that one persons breakdown is another persons breakthrough. I don’t think the cross over can be the Bronze age as depicted unless there is some kind of irresistible pull or energy transference that occurs and the cross over of the ages (in terms of conscious awareness) has the “potential” to be literal in that awareness shifts onto its orbital mirror twin coming out of the silver age and you board another 48,000 year roller-coaster ride to experience numerous attempts, or incarnations if you like, to remember who you are. We are talking the cosmic Groundhog Day because Energy flows where attention goes.


Which way to the Golden Age?

To get a three-dimensional perspective of this “figure eight” or “butterfly” sine pulse you have to see the energy as ripples of the cosmic heart beat through which impulses no different to nerve impulses in the body, arc through geometrically squared regions of space. Each region is defined by its own frequency (directional spin) and it’s these frequencies that slowly conditions unconditioned awareness as it moves through each cycle. If the impulse emerges from the galactic nucleus and transits the Golden age then the “newborn” awareness experiences the pure (as close to unconditional as you can get) god-like euphoria of a co-creator consciousness. Simultaneously though, the twin is birthed into a conscious energy that is the complete opposite and therefore, if the Light of the Golden Age is unconditional love then the Light of water is unconditional hatred. Two Gods are born. Good and evil.

The Four Ages and Elements

The diagram below shows the five Platonic elements; the central ether sphere is unconditioned wholeness, neutrality and zero point, along with fire, air, water and earth, these ages could just as well represent the quadrants of a super mind which will be represented in the form of a cube. The pulse which moves through the ages is like cosmic brain wave activity taking place in cubed regions. The Platonic descent of spirit (pulse) is believed to begin with the fall from the ether (galactic center) into fire, air, water and then earth. It tells the tale of the Gnostic mythos of Sophia, the wisdom goddess plunging from the core of the galaxy until she becomes trapped in matter as Gaia and has to experience her own correction in order to return to the galactic source.

Each age in the diagram highlights the Yin or Yang, the Fire sign is Yin positive +++/- or predominantly positive energy with a negative influence, where as Water, is —/+ and so on. This balancing and fine tuning of energy, charge, field or force, whatever you want to call it, enables the unconditioned sphere to move through conscious ages of experience.

agesThe Platonic elements and the ages

x marks the spot

The archetype cross – X marks the spotUntitled

The Four Cube Pulse Ages /Elements/Directions (see here)

brainFour quadrants of the brain


quadrant_1 of heart

Four quadrants of the heart

As the infant Sun is born into and out of the unconditioned ether at the heart of the galaxy it “arcs” or ascends into Golden energy for 12 phases where it becomes its brightest and most radiant – look at it as the birth of a cosmic child traveling through the first twelve (star) months of life as it travels away from the source. After 12 phases the direction reverses and it’s level of awareness begins to change. Babies become self-aware on average between 15 and 18 months. I watched my son go through the transition from baby-like awareness of his surroundings (but not of himself) to suddenly recognizing who he was in the mirror (mirror stage) to now aged four.

From the view of the star child or God-like awareness this point of recognition could represent the beginning of the metaphorical fall from the heavens… it begins to grow up, it becomes more serious, like adults, it accumulates more and more conditions … this evolution and simultaneous devolution represents the self-similar pattern of conditioning awareness to the point it becomes entangled in the darkest age of all, capable of witnessing all horrors, completely unaware of who and what it is and that it holds the power of veto by impulse. Call it the power of will.

If the Fire or Golden Age indicates the rise and descent of unconditioned awareness then the transition through the ages can be seen as the stepping stones to maturity. The pattern is self similar in that it happens to us at human level. In this manner the age of AIR becomes synonymous with soul growth and you see a step out of innocent childhood and into “teen” mischievousness or rebellion against power and a feeling of invincibility and knowing it all. We’ve all been there, in more ways than one. Made in the image and likeness of a god would surely imply that the gods went through the same shifts in personalities. The age of water would symbolize the thickening (from air) of conditions as we transit into adulthood and middle age where we have come to learn about how to use the knowledge and power we have accumulated, which from a god-like perspective heralds an age of awesome and potentially diabolical influence. The final age, which represents the completion of the descent from fire into matter or earth see’s total “solidity” of form into a material body and completely conditioned mindset for many. This is old age, the end game of the ages, the final phase of conscious experience before breaking free and returning to a natural light form.

Returning to the “beginning” through an “ending” means that both aspects of accumulated light and dark are going through the inevitable changes of another age – another cycle. Where you see the end you will always find the beginning as being the same thing. This conscious evolution is a simultaneous death and birthing process of awareness as it expands to see the amazing glory and unbelievable horror that it can create and destroy. We are in the murky age of iron and it’s like traveling through an energetic slurry pit that brings with it darkness. Blindness. The three ages of the fall, Air, Water and Earth are the Kingdoms of gradually increasing/decreasing darkness and light, a lost memory married to apocalyptic knowledge, decreasing awareness side by side with progressive awakening. Each age lasts 24,000 years and bears witness to the rise and fall of Man-kind and civilization. The number 24 is rooted to 6. Man was created on the 6th day. You get the 666 which represent the 3 phases of the fall.

Santos Bonacci, a very wise and intuitive man, who features in the Cross Over:2012 explains and shows how characters in the bible and children’s nursery rhymes draw parallels with the planets and ancient sciences of the cosmos. The fire age is the age of being Light because fire is light, brilliant white light, which I am guessing would be photons –  which represent creative light-giving force or energy. Electricity is the animating force that gives life to the human body, without it, matter, the human body, is void of life… so here’s the conundrum for some; this force has always been represented as a masculine force and yet it is women that give birth to and literally bring light (life) into the world. The Golden Age of man draws parallels with the creative gods in Genesis chapter one who create man in their image and likeness, the creator gods existing in the unconditioned sphere as both male and female principles, unified, rather than either or the other, together they represent, but are not, the source. This age exists in child-like wonder because it represents the beginning of an expression of innocence. This is the white fire light and not the “liquid-like” red fire that behaves like “water”. The argument for white light being feminine is compelling. Magnetism is an “attractive” force. It takes. If electricity gives life then magnetism takes life and none more than man (male) takes life so callously.


Golden Age: Being of Light

All said and done there is nothing that can prevent cycles coming to an end. Choice can direct the energy. You can be aware or you can be ignorant. How and when this change is going to happen is anyone’s guess but it will happen. The pulses are what they are. They define the micro and macro. They are the reason life has cycles. They follow the cycle as all things do – some thing’s never change.

Where’s your awareness parked?