In the beginning was the Word. Sound.

Ask anyone what Number is and they will probably tell you numbers are symbols we use to add and subtract and multiply and divide or that numbers are a digit that can be found in the base 10 system or any other number system. Of course the above  is correct on the surface of it but beyond this simple explanation there is no vision of what Number really is… not at a primary level at least.

There is no idea.

So what is Number

Number(s) are the “expression” of intelligent and creative force.

We have a number system because frequencies exist all around us. They are the architects of reality, the living thoughts of a living universe experiencing real-time awareness of itself. Behind these creative chords is one fundamental energy or frequency creating a Light show that is so real we have the concept known as Lucid dreaming. This primary key operates through scalable ranges of sound and creates a “Uni” (one) verse (song) in which the unfinished symphony is about self-awareness and rediscovery.

This one sound and its mirrored doppelganger create eight creative frequencies that can combine to produce a potentially infinite array of orchestral wave patterns.

(0) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (9)

In the beginning was the Word. Word is sound. Sound has an amazing influence on matter as evidenced by the phenomenon known as cymatics. Sound is motion because sound produces vibration or waves in a medium. Everything in the universe is in motion. Nothing we can comprehend in body ever comes to a complete standstill not even the smallest (sub) atomic particle. The natural opposite of this motion is stillness.

Everything in reality moves. Think about consciousness and how our perception of each moment is… well, momentary. What we define as the now or the present is actually nothing more than a transitory experience from one fleeting instance to the next. The moment you think about the now and try to hold onto a thought the actual moment has gone and you are now holding onto another fleeting moment and so until 5 minutes of fleeting moments have passed. Sure, we can project or imagine the future but we cannot fast forward to a particular moment so that reality unfolds, therefore, we cannot time travel either forward or backwards unless we find a cosmic remote controller and hit the fast forward button.

Time doesn’t exist as anything other than a concept. Time is NOT a dimension… and no, taking time and combining it with space to create a space-time continuum is not smart, time is a concept or process that we named and which we use to measure the change that motion brings -without motion nothing would change. If motion were to cease then our ability to comprehend change will cease along with the concept of telling the time. In stillness we are non-local intelligence. We are everywhere all at once. Think about that.

The fundamental frequency or sound can be represented by the Zero.

Zero symbolizes wholeness or eternity and not this idea of nothing. Agreeing with the concept that Zero is nothing causes an elementary misunderstanding.

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