I honor you as the being of light that you are because I understand it’s difficult to not live in the mind… we’ve called it the matrix but it’s the same thing. That is not who you are. Your true nature lies beyond your heart chakra. The heart is misunderstood as the region where love is said to manifest… but the kind that has you chasing after that flame of passion like a moth lusting after light manifests within the mind.

The truth is simple… human love and kindness always comes with conditions because the mind exists by virtue of the force which is unconditional. Love and kindness become the minds idea of love and kindness instead of being love and kindness without conditions. How many gifts did your children receive for Christmas this year compared to tens of millions of children that are living in poverty. Why do some friends have benefits and others don’t, why do some people become your lover and others cease. Ask your mind – but don’t expect an honest answer because the mind tells you want you want to hear rather than what you need to hear… and because you think you’re following the guidance of your heart you merrily skip along with the ride. The mind makes excuses so things become more palatable for you. The Soul of the heart, which is the true self, would never be your guide because it would never place you in a position where you needed it’s guidance. It already has given you everything you need. You know everything there is to know – you simply don’t remember it yet. You place your-self in a position where you think you’re following your heart.

Human love is a double edged sword that is able to empower someone in their darkest moments of grief and yet simultaneously cut someone else down… it can mend a broken heart and yet it can break another in a million different ways. This is why you can say I love you… but not you. The moment you think it and say it you’re caught up in the game of lusting after an external some-thing to heal you and make you feel good… a remedy… sex… new job… all the while you are missing the divine purpose which is to break free of that.

Behind the heart vortex is pure awareness and it has no conditions. It simply is. This is the real self and the root of infinite knowing. This is you… not the stage of the ego – the one that competes with itself to feel good and not bad, the one that beats itself up when it thinks it has done wrong – the one that feels good when it thinks it deserves to be happy. These are the two minds in which you place your awareness and wherever that attention goes your potential flows towards an unattainable goal because you are chasing a shadow instead of being the real thing.

The ego is yin yang, love and hate, and you cannot have one without the other – they are mirror opposites. Both energies feed one another in equal amounts, so when you try to live in love, you are co creating an equal but opposite energy by virtue that your entertaining a mind that is polarized in thought. This is why everything is okay one minute but falls down the next… the mind cannot balance itself because its nature is to give you one or the other. It gives with one hand and takes with the other. Take a look around. You live it every day.

When you are honest, you act in an unconditioned way from a place beyond the heart chakra and mind. This force gives meaning to what you understand love to be and because it is done without condition it becomes a love to behold rather than a love to desire. Truth is truth when it is free from the mind bending conditions placed upon it.

Nothing is more powerful than becoming aware of who you are.

Nothing is more destructive than the intent that belittles you through your own words and deeds.