“But to me nothing – the negative, the empty – is exceedingly powerful”

Alan Watts

I don’t know how many individuals can sense the peculiarity that grips the world. Some people will say the system is broken but the system was never broke. It was built this way.

The question; “Who” or “What” built the chaos.

It’s a game of hide and seek. The inability to comprehend doesn’t come from willful ignorance but from a filtering process, induced forgetfulness, self hypnotized, a spell has been cast and the totality of everything has been reduced to limited understanding in a sense that the whole is simply not remembered. So the game is to hide by forgetting and to seek by remembering.

To understand the whole, information must unfold, it has to come from within and over this process we have no control, thus, true understanding is gained intuitively, it is not something that can be learned in a classroom, or studied in a book. It comes from within like all information.

The visible universe is an artefact that has unfolded from the imagination of a vast intelligence that is aware of itself, this is the “real” nature of reality. This intelligence is infinite in potential, its power unlimited. It has no boundaries, no borders and no limitation, other than what it imposes upon itself. There is nothing outside of this realness because it is everything, in all directions, everywhere and every-when.

IT has imagined finite and limited reflections of itself, it has been divided into separate parts. We, us, you, me, as limited points of awareness represent a collective division as in we are the reflections in the hall of mirrors. These illusory reflections have been hidden from the realness from which they sprang. This realness is not God, as God is an aspect of its imagination. It is also not the universe because the universe is another part of its imaginings. It’s not the Akashic records, this is simply a name for the totality of the information that this IS. All imaginings are an artefact, made real in an lucid sense. It is an elaborate illusion.

IT knows. It understands. It senses change. It senses changes in the stillness of itself, thus motion springs from the stillness and the artefacts spin into animation, movement becomes the cosmic effect while motionlessness remains the hidden cause. The cause is an indefinable substance which we wrongly term energy as energy is simply an expression of ITS presence, it is evidence of its indestructible and everlasting nature, its a signature, a calling card, a breadcrumb in the game of rediscovery.

IT is infinite ocean of crystal clear water – an expanse that has no boundaries, no shores, no bottom or surface, simply water extending in all directions. Within this ocean are expressions, bubbles, and each bubble represents an idea, a universal reality, and within each universal reality are more bubbles that represent an idea, a galactic reality, within each galactic reality are more bubbles that represent an idea, a planetary reality, and within each planetary reality are more bubbles that represent an idea, a Human reality, and within the Human reality are cellular realities and then quantum realities until the whole idea completes the sacred circle.

IT is the zero point of energy, the ultimate source, the basement of all creation, the root of being, and the ocean from which all waves rise to be observed. Numbers are a useful way of expressing the nature of this ultimate being as they manifest from within its entirety and therefore mirror its potential. As with the number system, the entirety of this infinite awareness represents wholeness, thus, zero is the point of creation from which all other numbers emerge and return;


Zero represents the eternal womb within which a universe (9) is created. The process is like that of a Rose blossoming and the numbers that emerge represent the complex growth pattern as expressed through Golden Ratios and Fibonacci sequences. Thus nature expands from within, it unfolds, it grows… it doesn’t assemble ready made parts but emerges from the ocean of realness as an expression that gradually becomes more complicated as an illusory work of art to be observed, thus experienced.

When we reverse engineer the human body we see that it is a living organism consisting of electrochemical systems which are made up of organs constructed from tissue, the tissue is built from cells, cells from molecules, molecules from atoms, atoms from indivisible pieces of matter known as positive ions and negative electrons which float freely in the vast infinitude of the zero medium. This fundamental state of matter is known as plasma.

The space between an atomic nucleus and its orbiting electrons is vast, if scaled up to the size of a marble, an atomic nucleus would find its closest electron field slightly more than two miles away. Thus, at a fundamental level of this great illusion, the building blocks believed to “clump” together to form matter of all shapes and sizes essentially consists of space. There is no solidity at the foundations of reality.

The unseen force which was known by ancient Tibetans as the Great Transformer, or Fohat, moves and creates motion where stillness exists and brings into play the world of illusion that has been dreamed by the ultimate dreamer. As Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C said:

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become”