Universes in Universes

Image Credit: Linda Peters

The universe is really a dream. Everything else we have spoken about, and all the planes of our universe, exist only in this universe, this dream, and so only matter while we are here. Eventually we will leave this dream.

A dream is a closed system which exists due to the awareness of the creator of the dream. The creator of the dream is called God. Our universe, and all its planes, are a dream of God.

We also create universes, of which we are the God. Every time you dream at night, or daydream, or think any thought at all, you are creating a new universe. Every thought is a new universe. It exists for the amount of time you are thinking about it, then when your awareness moves to something else it ceases to exist. This is how thinking works. All thoughts are universes, because a universe is any closed system in which there is awareness (or just any closed system, but if there was no awareness then it wouldn’t exist, since nothing would be aware of it.)

There is nothing outside of awareness. In fact, there can’t be. Nothing can be outside of God by definition, so when God creates a universe it is created inside of himself, so to speak. When you dream, the dream is inside of you, but at the same time it is a different reality and a different universe to this universe. It is a universe in a universe.

I will elaborate. Whenever you think something, your thought exists, but where does it exist? It is existent in your awareness, and it only exists because you are thinking it. Your awareness created it. This then, is a new universe. You created it to work out a problem, or to experience something. This new universe attempts to do what it was created for and from this you intend to learn something. However, we can only create very weak and not particularly useful universes, since we are already so limited in this one. We don’t have enough awareness to make a very complicated universe, so we just make very simple ones, and they don’t work very well. It’s better not to get answers from thoughts therefore, since they are of our own creation, and so can’t tell us something we don’t already know. The best source for knowledge or inspiration is something in this universe, or better: from the one above (from God.)

So anyway, God created a universe (the one we are in) with a thought, and he wanted to experience it so he created life forms and lent his awareness to each one. Each one of us does our own thing and we have our own opinions, but the awareness in you, your consciousness, is God. We are all God, he’s playing all of us at the same time. But pretty much everything in this universe has awareness, including rocks and planets, and suns. They just have awareness in a different way to us humans. God is in everything. Everything is awareness.

Most of us have had the experience of lucid dreams, which are common in childhood. A lucid dream is when you are dreaming and then suddenly you are aware that you are dreaming. You remember who you are, but you are still in the dream. At this point it becomes possible to control the dream, and since it is a dream, you can make anything happen. Before you are lucid you are running around in some dream story, thinking that you are this dream character, but when you become lucid you remember yourself and stop acting.

The experience of lucid dreams is the same experience as the true “awakening” in this dream also. We are all running around playing dream characters of our own creation, and we have forgotten who we really are. When awakened we understand we are really God, and since we now understand we are just in a dream, we can do fun things, such as make water turn into wine, etc.

But there’s more! God is also in a dream, of another God. Everything is dreams (since I’m using the word dream for any closed system of awareness.) So the journey does not end here.

So when we awaken from this dream and transcend, we will be able to create new universes according to our desires, and play around like this until we get bored and decide to transcend again.

The only reason we are here is because of desire. Actually our existence as an individual (which becomes less and less, until we reach the highest God) is only a chain of desires. If you didn’t want anything, you wouldn’t be here. There is a method for enlightenment, called the Path of Renunciation, which teaches you to become enlightened by not wanting anything. But the problem with this is that even wanting to become enlightened, or wanting to not want, is desire. All that person is really doing is thinking so much about enlightenment that they attract it (since they are adjusting their tuning to it and therefore attracting it), they haven’t really stopped their desires, only focused them.

Not desiring is not something we can do at this stage, else we wouldn’t be here. Focusing your awareness on something does attract it, in the same way that matter attracts matter (gravity), but it also works for concepts and more sophisticated ideas. Matter is just a concept.


If God knows everything there is to know,

Then I ask: how can God learn or grow?

If you knew all that was and all that will be,

Then how can any decision you make be free?

If you were everything and everything was you,

Then there would be nothing for you to do;

And there we find God, in this very position,

Imprisoned by the power of his own condition,

But there is a way to escape from this net,

All that God would have to do is forget,

Forget what He was and in ignorance find

Choice and free will, from confusion of mind;

And so God created a plane of limitation,

That confusing place we call creation,

A place of ignorance where we’re free to choose,

Free to make mistakes and free to lose;

For only a being who knows not what is true

Has the free will to choose what to do;

Through us God can live, think, feel and see,

And experience He knew, but now He can be;

Yet though we’ve forgotten where we come from,

The closer we get, the happier we become,

With control of awareness you can return,

But you have less choice the more you learn;

Each mortal longs for the infinite’s touch,

Yet the infinite longs to know not so much;