Ground Zero

Where do thoughts spring from? It seems like a simple enough question and from a material view point the answer is always going to be very simple. Thoughts are generated by the brain. But what is the brain other than 3lbs of grey matter that consists of about 80% water/fat. Do you honestly think that it is rational to believe that a slab of fatty meat is capable of generating coherent thoughts. The brain is an organ that is said to control the functions of the body. It is sometimes referred to as a muscle of thinking. Even though it is not a muscle. The brain is said to be the most important organ because it controls the bodily systems such as the skeletal, muscular, central nervous and the autonomic nervous system. It is also believed to control your moods, drives, and instincts.

Apart from looking like a side section of a cauliflower the brain looks remarkably unimpressive, on the surface there is nothing complex about the brain at all, but when you start probing beneath the vegetable lookalike it does become rather interesting by virtue of its neural complexity. Let’s reverse engineer the brain in simple terms, firstly it is made up of tissue, the tissue comprises of neurons and other cells, the neuron cells are structured from complex molecules, molecules are formed by atoms and atoms are formed by sub atomic particles, which themselves are made from apparent Quarks and such things, Quarks are made up from… well, who knows, i think an informed guess would be electric charge, although I am sure particles physicists would most likely argue they are made up from even smaller indivisible particles etc. What we do understand about sub atomic particles is that there is a lot of space between them, for example, if you were to imagine the entire atomic nucleus to be the size of a marble, the first electron shell/field would be found slightly more than two miles away. That’s a lot of space down there.

I uploaded the above picture in order to try and demonstrate the self similar patterns that are in inherent in nature. It has been scientifically proven that there is an Magnetic field/sphere surrounding the human body which is generated by the human heart, and to a lesser extent, the brain produces an electric field. In fact, the hearts magnetic field is 5000 times more powerful than the brains electric field. See Science of the heart.

The basics of electrical engineering teach us that magnetic fields can’t exist separately from an electric current, they are like chalk and cheese, therefore, the heart, by definition, has to be the source of a powerful electric current in order to generate a magnetic field the size that it does. In the above paragraph I used the analogy of a marble (the entire atomic nucleus) and the first electron shell/field being slightly more than two miles away – can you see the similarities between the heart and it’s magnetic field and the atomic nucleus and it’s “electron” field, sure the size and distance of the field varies considerably but then the jump in scales from a physical heart heart to an indivisible atomic nucleus is massive, but the distance between the “source of energy” and the energy fields would be reflected in this scalable leap.The point that I am trying to highlight is that the source of an electric current, be it an atomic nucleus or human heart, is accompanied by an electric and magnetic force field. Self similar repetition.

One has to ponder this idea that an electron is actually an indivisible particle, science has never imaged an electron, and it is an assumption they are made of very discreet “pieces” of matter or that they are elementary particles, they are often described as clouds. Look at the name “electron”… we are two letters out from spelling “electric”. Is the electron, an intense focus of energy that gives the appearance of having mass because the energy is spinning so fast it weaves an energy mesh that is so dense it creates the illusion of solidity. Is this what all pieces of matter are – spinning energy woven into such density it becomes impenetrable. Mass like.

A major contention of current cosmology is that the universe and all the wonders contained therein, such as galaxies, star systems, planets and moons etc were formed from the remnants of dust (indivisible pieces of matter) clouds created by the big bang, and that over copious amounts of time, and under the influence of gravity, the dust randomly clumped together to form the wonders that we observe all around us. However, there are no experiments we can perform to test such a theory, not even at a reduced scale in the lab.

From a different angle however, we have the phenomenon of cymatics showing how pieces of matter (in a medium) can be organised into recognisable shapes and structures by the power of sound frequencies alone. Take a look at the first video HERE to see matter being guided into structures that resemble life-like centipedes, the human spine, and spiral galaxies (and much more) and come to your own conclusion about how the contents of the universe might have formed, it seems to me the uni (one) verse (song) is a symphony of sound.

So what is the brain, at a fundamental level, the answer is very simple, space. The next question of course is what is space, space can’t be nothing, it might appear to be nothing, as in empty, but space is what separates particles in the microcosm and planets and galaxies at the macrocosm, it allows for motion of objects, it defines distances etc. Space, therefore must be some kind of medium as it exists as something. That medium must be an energy medium, something like the aether, although science prefers to call it dark energy/matter. From an ancient and medieval view point the ether was thought to be the material that fills the universe, the pure essence where the gods existed in ethereal form. It’s not a new idea.

Returning to the brain, one must ponder this question; if the brain is said to generate thoughts and the brain can be reverse engineered down to apparent inorganic and indivisible pieces of matter as well as copious amounts of space (aether), how is it that it can manifest cohesive and meaningful thoughts, bearing in mind that a “thought” is nothing real in any physical sense, but intangible words and images that form inside the mind. We understand there are chemical and electrical processes taking place within brain regions but how does inorganic matter (subatomic particles) initiate chemistry and electricity which then gives rise to coherent thought patterns and accompanying images… this has been one of the most puzzling questions regarding consciousness.

If the arrangement of sub atomic particles into complex molecules and then cells (and so on) was the result of random collisions and electric attractions then surely no one brain would be the same, but it doesn’t happen like that, near 7 billion brains on the planet, almost all identical in appearance and function show the contrary. Of course, the formation of human brains is not random, information (DNA blueprint) is carried (loose term) by the 46 chromosomes that are provided in the mothers egg and in the fathers sperm. However, this is looking some way up the chain of “development” because it doesn’t answer the million dollar question; where is the code or instruction coming from to structure (or pull/attract) subatomic particles into atoms, into molecules, into cells, into tissue and then into eggs and sperm so that they can then deliver a higher order code to build complex proteins (molecules) into a living entity – an embryo.

Let’s turn away from organic life forms for a moment. If the quantum structuring process was random why would atoms structure themselves into the same patterns we see everywhere in nature… billions of galaxies, planets, and stars etc. Surely not a single object in the universe would be the same if it involved an infinite number of random possibilities, there would be no patterns, but this is not the case, rather there is an order, an elegant symmetry to the world in which we exist. We see patterns all around us. Patterns. Not random configurations.

On both accounts, the ordered structuring of organic (life) and inorganic (planets etc) pulls us back to the question of space. The final frontier, which according to James T Kirk, is the place where no man has gone before. If space is the ultimate medium, i.e. the ground zero of reality, then all other objects right down to the smallest particles must spring forth from that. These objects are always moving, i.e. spinning or jiggling, as has been shown by science, therefore everything within the medium that is defined as space is in motion, the medium that is space must therefore be the ground of stillness, as motion springs from stillness. In number terms the medium is represented by zero, the beginning point, the start of the infinite count outwards. I say the space medium must be the ground of stillness because consciousness is a “stream” of information that flows through the mind, we cannot curb the ebb and flow of thoughts and emotions (have you ever tried stopping the flow of thoughts) we simply appear to be at liberty of experiencing or observing them, i.e. being “aware” of them. Being “aware” of something is to sense change, so for me, the infinite medium of space becomes the eternal (god-like) state of awareness, which is stillness (it has to be still so when things “move” through it can sense and therefore become aware of what moves) and the ground zero of reality. Streams of consciousness move through the stillness.

We cannot say there is “something” beyond energy or space, the laws of energy conservation show that energy is perpetual in that it cannot be created or destroyed, that it actually transforms itself. The clue is right there in the term transformation, energy is a shape shifter of sorts, is this why the infinite medium of space is filled with a myriad of finite 3D objects, because those objects are the result of energy transforming itself into shapes and structures that will eventually untangle themselves from the energetic knots they have been weaved into.

It is bizarre that this crucial attribute of Life, i.e. awareness and its associated consciousness, without which there would be no recognition of the world, the universe, other people and of course, one-self, is dismissed as readily as it is as the result of random configurations.

Attributing intelligence to the brain is also folly – the brain is a fatty organ which is utterly useless when void of the (electrical) force that animates it. Without this Life-giving force the brain becomes the useless cauliflower in a jar to be mused over.