All YOU Need

For those of you that don’t know, the term “remember who you are” is used by David Icke in his books and presentations. For those of you that don’t know who David Icke is you might want to take a look  and read some of his work, bearing in mind that it’s never wise to judge a book by its cover. Although I would like to, I have never had an opportunity to talk to David Icke personally, but much of what he says is fascinating and illuminating.

What is that humanity has to remember. What is it that humanity has forgotten? What is that humanity must wake up to?

Memory is an interesting facet of humanity. You need the process of memory to remember anything. Every human being has the ability to remember and to forget experiences, both good and bad. Forgetfulness appears to be an integral part of our being, like an ethereal firewall shielding us from information that may be harmful or disturbing. When a human is born the mind is like a blank slate, one could quiet easily argue this is because the newborn child has no intelligence and simply hasn’t learned anything yet, and therefore has not acquired any information it can remember. On the other side of the coin, it can just as easily be argued that the newborn is intelligent but has simply forgotten its intelligence because it memory has been wiped clean and it can no longer remember the totality of where it originates from, that the mind, in this regard, acts as a plane which separates material experience and non material knowledge allowing for, and facilitating, what seems to be a brand new life experience, starting from scratch.

But what is scratch? Is it really possible to start from nothing – as in there literally is no information at all? I say no, not in the literal sense because nothing is simply a concept that gives us the illusion of empty sets. Besides, the world around the newborn is clearly crammed with information seen and unseen, so we know information exists, the argument is whether the newborn has simply forgotten the information and doesn’t yet understand it, or whether the newborn has never understood it.

An insight into this might be found in the suckling reflex of the newborn, i.e. the natural, instinctual reaction to feed. The newborn may not understand why or what it is doing but it follows a behaviour labelled a survival mechanism. However, this is a memory the newborn appears to have inbuilt to its being as it simply “knows” what to do. In this sense the newborn isn’t an entirely blank slate after all, it remembers, without yet understanding why it remembers.

You may point to this as being part of a genetic process but what are genes other than apparent inorganic matter structured together to form protein molecules by a little understood electromagnetic phenomenon. Inorganic material such as atoms do not contain information in and of itself, by that I mean, atoms aren’t stamped with words or letters. They don’t have instructions embossed onto their surface, that I know of. They may or may not represent information of a kind in that they have dimension, such as size, which is defined by width and depth, but they are not information per se.

The “information” that is derived from organised proteins like those found in DNA comes from an ethereal source. Information is energy and energy is information, energy cannot be created or destroyed, merely transformed from one form to another, therefore, there can never be no information, as in nothing, which brings me full circle to the idea that newborns cannot learn about information from a blank slate in the truest sense, but rather, over time, as their awareness expands, they learn to remember the information that has always been there. It’s kind of like making a jigsaw. The pieces of the jigsaw being the vast sea of energetic information that sub-exists within an unseen reality, the task, via memory, i.e. learning how to do things again, is to reconnect the dots and construct the jigsaw puzzle and make sense of the finished puzzle which loosely translated represents reality.

The simplicity of David Icke’s writing is that some of the information he acquires appears to come directly from the information field that is everywhere and everything. This information is hidden from visible reality – beyond the physical senses – beyond the filter that is the mind. There is no argument that because I cannot see this energy information it cannot be real because we can “feel” the wind on our face and “see” the effect as it rushes through trees without direct observation. The wind is known. Information is known.

True knowledge cannot be “learned” for there is nothing we can learn that we don’t already know and have simply forgotten, it can simply be “known” again. As consciousness expands, or begins to illuminate, streams of information become visible to our sense of awareness and then we begin to remember that which has been forgotten, we then obtain a sense of knowing and understanding that cannot be explained in any physical or visual light sense.

What David Icke and other writers like him bring to the table of debate is the factors of manipulation taking place across the planet and that humanity is suspended in a constant flux of confusion and diversions, namely through agendas that promote conflict, both inner and outer. The purpose of which, from what I can make out, is to distract attention away from a deeper understanding of the true Self by presenting a shallow vision of an ego based world that is besieged by anger and fear.

As long as you are looking out there at the distractions, worrying about this, fretting about that, there is never going to be any time to focus on and understand the inner working of your own eternal nature, which is free from the boundaries of this particular universal sphere of influence and cosmic experience. Not only is that ethereal substance of all beings free, it is the original subconscious source, the sole dreamer and the ocean aspect that imagines itself as a wave-like (Self) observer that moves within itself.

David Icke calls this source infinite love. When you look at the mirror reflection of this infinite source, which is a carefully constructed, finite, chaotic and hateful reality in which we surf as waves of perceived individuality. I can’t help but agree. Inner is love, outer is hate, opposing polarities. As with functional memory and the concept of using it or losing it, either through the death of neuron cells, or misfiring nerve synapses, i.e. the bridges that connect information and thus reveal a wider understanding of information through a process we call memory, the same principle must be applied in our connection with the infinite source.

For some, the bridge between the real and unreal has been burned, but not entirely destroyed, this bridge can never be destroyed because energy cannot be destroyed. There is nothing we can do that can’t be undone. The more we remember to choose love, rather than hate, the more the bridge will be strengthened. Primarily, I am talking about finding Love for one-self, not through external fulfillment that you seek from another being as this can often be confused with lust, this is not your Love, no, the kind of Love I am talking about is the ground where no conditions exist, where true Love is unconditional. This kind of Love can only be found inwardly, but when that “state” is found, Love is given naturally to those around you and nothing is expected in return. When this bridge is rebuilt and our memory connection to the source beyond this universal field returns in full, the flow of information that unites us with our true being can only open the gateway to infinite potential.


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