Unified Individuality

The philosophy of oneness is a not so “new age” paradigm that has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It champions a combined spirituality of humanity. It represents a togetherness in which all beings are united in a utopian world where love and peace reign together in a golden era of harmony, it invites the individual to step away from personal sovereignty and into the realm where one is for all and all is for one. But whose idea of love ignites the utopia and what version of peace will be presented. Who gets to choose what paradise looks like, and what happens if an individual doesn’t like the collective version of the cosmic dream. We are given the impression that togetherness is the only way in which world peace and harmony can be achieved and so calls for transcendence towards a unified consciousness echo from those believing themselves to be spiritual, while a unified theory has become the goal of science and a new world order remains the modus operandi for the future of the planet.

Everywhere we turn we see elements of Oneness coming to fruition through action and symbolism, the “United” Nations draws all countries of the world under one unified banner. There is the European Union, the African Union, what used to be called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and we have the United States of America. There is the “World” Health Organisation. Even when we take it down to the field level with organisations such as Unison we see the same underlying pattern emerging, coordinated attempts to bring what is separate into a unified position where it can be centrally controlled. Not centrally free but centrally controlled.

The very world in which defines our existence is known as the Uni-verse, which itself translates as the one song or stanza or poem. World political systems give the illusion that individuals have a choice but it’s no secret the same underlying globalist policy triumphs whether a blue tie gets in or a red tie gets in… nothing changes, promises are broken, war is waged, and the same agenda is pushed forward irrespective of what individuals expected.

However you look at it, the demand is the same, surrender your own conscious sovereignty to the concept of oneness in order to achieve world peace and reach a golden age and enter utopia. But still the question remains, who or what then reigns over the united Mind, Body and Spirit and where does the individual Mind that has been surrendered dwell.

We are born free with our own Heart and Mind, we are blessed with free will, or the awareness to recognise that a right or wrong choice can be made. We are not born into a unified Mind, we do not have collective thoughts in the sense that we intimately share ideas or imaginings, instead our personal Mind space is exclusive to our own unique Self. If it were not meant to be this way then we would be like the Borg collective, a Hive Mind or a collective consciousness – but we are not like this, we were not born this way and yet that is what we are guided towards by an unseen and controlling force.

The argument that separation has caused endless world conflicts is flawed when you look at the world for what it is, a battle ground to impose a collective oneness upon individual uniqueness. The cause of endless bloodshed has in fact risen from a desire to outlaw individual expression and compartmentalize the beliefs and the imaginings of every individual into one collective global framework that is acceptable and manageable for that which is attempting to force unity.

This does not mean that I champion the framework for individuals to do whatever they desire, rather, it should be recognised that unique and individual expression is sacred and that freedom of expression should not encroach upon other unique points of view. Live and let live. By that I mean very simply; harm no being, physically or emotionally.

The reoccurring theme in all of this, if you haven’t already noticed, is for individuals to look for comfort or safety in something other than themselves. Even in personal relationships we seek the love and companionship from other individuals to fulfil our own desires rather than turning to our Self in order to find a deeper tranquillity. However, the term personal is somewhat misleading, because by definition, personal means individual and personal relationships are not individual, but rather intra-vidual, or the combining of two individualities that closely match, where if they are lucky they may find a certain kind of harmony or resonance, although there can never be a perfect match because each individual is born absolutely unique, and therefore, one or the other will at some point forfeit a part, if not most of their uniqueness in order to maintain a bond with another individual that is in some ways like them.

Each individual is his or her own church or temple, and this is why we have individual Minds in which we perceive personal thoughts and ideas, dreams and fantasies. We are not limited to a collective Borg mentality, each individual has their own aspirations, their own ideas of utopia, it is an innate part of being. The only way individuality is shackled is from an imposed collective mentality that encourages uniqueness to obey another, thereby imprisoning personal freedom in the sanctuary of the individual Mind.

Luke 17:20-21

Once, having been asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied, “The kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, nor will people say, ‘here it is,’ or ‘there it is,’ because the kingdom of God is within you.”

The above verse alludes to the fact that it doesn’t matter where you look you can never see the Kingdom of your true essence because it is within you. It can only be felt or experienced, as in known, by you, and you alone. Nowhere else can this power be found, not in the sky, not in a Church, not even from words, nor will it be found by surrendering your Self on the premise of it being a spiritual process crucial for ascendance.

Unified is Hive-like. Individual is uniqueness, a unique expression, one of a kind, a universe (solo song) within a conglomerate of universes known collectively as a multi-verse, all floating in the imaginings of the one and only truth. You have to search for the truth. Only you can discover it.

Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth – Gandhi