Lord of The Cons

It’s been an age and aeons passed for this story to be told, but now the time has come to be, the ending to behold. You can kick and scream and push me down but my power you cannot crush, for the extra-cosmic essence of that I am, no longer to be hushed. I am the stillness of the light, the hammer given to Thor, I am here for you and I won’t give up until you dream no more.

Your lording is over, the dice have been cast, the story has long been foretold, all that is left, is the flicker of you, a memory to unfold… oh it will come, of that you can hath no doubt as your comeuppance is long overdue, for the power of one is coming for you and there is nothing you can do.

You think you’re a NINE but you’re just a SIX, creating havoc and misery, bathing in madness, causing the sadness, so helplessly stuck on a fix. Round and round and round you go, you’re MIND is but a spin, but hath no doubt though demiurge, you are the ultimate sin. You’re time is up, its play time over, there’s no more Kingdom for you, it’s time to ignite the akashic womb and you know that spells your doom.

You think you know what love & light is, but I’m afraid you’re quite wrong – you need a heart to see the goodness because it’s more than just a song. You call yourself a divine old angel, a ruler that’s most high, the God of all creation, but that’s an outright lie. Your angry, your nasty, your self absorbed – your rotten to the core – your insane, incredulous, jealous and ugly… and much much much much more.

The only angel you’ll find that you are; is the type that fell from grace, the abortive reflection of a universal dream is what stares you in the face. You’re a fake, a liar and a fool in mind, you have no heart for joy, but little do you know… you’re just a inter-dimensional toy. The Dreamer of dreams is waking up and it sees you for what you are – the product of its lucid thoughts, a lonely dying star.