You & Your Imagination

“We are the imagination of ourselves”

Bill Hicks

Have you ever tried to bring the thoughts that flow through your Mind to a complete standstill. It’s not easy. In fact I’m not even sure if its possible because even when you try to hold silence or stillness in the Mind you are still keeping the Mind active in some sense by focusing your attention on something. The fact that awareness is concentrating on “nothing” it is still being aware of something.

A big question about thoughts is not necessarily what they are but what causes them to manifest in the Mind. If we understood what causes thoughts to pop into the Mind then perhaps we could look at ways of controlling or even stopping them. Is it as simple as saying thoughts are the product of quantum electrochemical processes taking place in the brain. If it was then as conscious beings we should be in control of them. Why then to some extent are we not able to curb the flow. And if you are not in control of your own thoughts then who or what is. The brain. No… I don’t think so. The brain is physical matter. Thoughts are energy. They are separate.

What is certain is that thoughts represent information. Thoughts are ethereal snapshots and words. This information is energy. Is this energy intelligent. We cannot say the brain is intelligent because when electrical activity is no longer present in the brain the human body is either in a vegetative state or dead. Electricity therefore seems to be the link between intelligence and non intelligent matter. Electricity animates the brain and body. The body is electric. Nerve impulses are electric and the human body is structured in such a way (it is heavily water based) that it facilitates electrical currents. Thoughts are forever flowing through the Mind providing us with snip bits of information for our sense of awareness to consider – is there ever a time of the day when the Mind isn’t filtering information with or without your approval. Even during sleep information is being processed.

When you are focused or paying attention to what is going on inside your head you have become aware of a particular wave pattern or a moment of conscious experience. This information is flowing or surging through your Mind like a powerful river. How you handle that particular wave is up to you. You can look at it and process it, i.e. acknowledge it and act upon it in a positive or negative way or you can let it pass by. Unaware. There is a choice.

The idea that quantum sized particles are attracted to one another by chance to form the magnificent structures of the universe or the amazingly complex neural networks inside your head from chaos is silly. What is chaos other than looking at information from a different perspective or level of understanding. If you look at the picture below of the “Milky Way” galaxy you can see a line plotting the approximate position of the sun somewhere in one of the spiral arms. Note the dot (sun) is so tiny you can’t even see it. When you then compare Earth’s size in relation to the sun you will get a sense of just how massive the “Milky Way” galaxy is and how perspective plays a part in perceiving so-called chaos. 

Before we had the technology to see into deep space the heavens must have looked chaotic. Every where you look apparently indiscriminate points of light blot the night sky. Chaos is an illusion created by lack of perspective, i.e. an inability to perceive ourselves as part of a bigger system or pattern. In this case we were unable to see the elegant spiral arm in which we were set. By looking at the above picture we can see that our surrounding environment isn’t chaotic at all but part of a vastly bigger symmetrical pattern known as a galaxy.

The concept of chance is equally ambiguous. We do not exist in a duality but in a triune. There is no 50/50. There are always three possibilities in the same way there is positive, negative and neutral perspectives. A coin has three sides. Therefore the idea that a coin toss is based on the 50/50 chance it can land on one of two sides is fundamentally flawed. The reason a coin is unlikely to land side up is because when you combine the forces at play on the planet, in the solar system and galaxy the motion is enough to tip the coin onto one of two sides every time. Because of this a coin toss becomes a certainty to land “either” on heads or tails.

Atoms clearly do not assemble themselves randomly. If this were the case then there would be none or very few structures that are the same. There would be no patterns because everything would be built by quantum pinball effects. The universe would look like a hideous junkyard. There would be no symmetry. In addition millions of human beings are born every day in a pattern (body) that is wired to manifest energetic intelligence. This isn’t the result of random atomic collisions. As it stands, atoms organize into complex molecules which give rise to organic matter or neuron cells. These then organize into vastly complex neural highways which facilitate electric circuits through which sentient light or consciousness surges.

The question is what is organizing them. At the human scale these electrical circuits are mind-bogglingly tiny but if we were to shrink to half the size of a neuron these circuits would be like quantum power grids where crackling currents of energy twisted between giant pylons (neurons). We call this region of energetic activity a brain. But if we can scale it down then it can be scaled up to a higher state of awareness where perspective interchanges.

So where do thoughts come from. What we do know about thoughts is that they are intangible. You can’t get your hands on them in a physical sense. They are ethereal sounds and images that exist in the Mind. You cannot see a thought like you can see a brain. Do they rise into existence from nothing or colliding atoms or is it more likely that thoughts in one form or another have always been there. Ride with me on this one. The second law of energy conservation demonstrates that energy doesn’t come into existence. Its always been there. It cannot be created or destroyed. Ever. Energy recycles it-self. Energy changes shape or form so why would energetic thoughts be any different.

Perhaps thoughts are organic light expressing it-self in tangible ways. On a clear evening take a look out into the cosmos and ask yourself if you can get any more tangible than what you see. From a human perspective there are two fundamental states of awareness in which organic light simultaneously transforms or shifts from one state to another. These states are better known as conscious and subconscious states of awareness. The Zero point observer of the two is unconditional awareness. The now.

To further reduce this you could call consciousness and subconsciousness the Mind and the Super Mind. The self and the higher self… although don’t confuse the higher part of you as the part that wakes up in the morning and looks at the reflection in the mirror. That part of you is the self. Your higher self is the part of you that you cannot observe. This is like trying to look at yourself without a mirror.

Ask yourself this: Do you have the “conscious” capacity and intelligence to regulate your body in real time and simultaneously manage billions of complex processes each second like your sub conscious does. To put this to the test why don’t you try rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time. Which part of you is smarter?

Where do thoughts manifest from… They are part of an endless river that flows through your Mind from the source that is the greater part of you that cannot be seen.

CREDIT: Yellow Moon