The Creative Dance of Free Will & Destiny

What ever we are we were built in two’s. We’re drawn to each other… no matter how far I run he’s always there, he finds me. Its physics. What are you saying… that you are fated to be together? I’ve lived for a very long time Ray. And the one thing I’ve learned… fate doesn’t decide everything. People get to choose.

From Hancock the movie

Free will is generally defined as having the ability to choose. To choose something there must be at least two possible outcomes otherwise there isn’t a choice. We are constantly being presented with choices every day. Sometimes we don’t even register a choice because the choice has been made subconsciously without realizing it by a vastly more intelligent part of you. Individual Choices can and often do appear insignificant but in the long run everything is significant. Reality ripples with individual butterfly effects. Life unfolds like a Golden Ratio movie script. Perfection cannot be in error it can only behave like it is in error.

The expression of free will is the result of the intention we pay life experiences. When we hit a moment of choice that is when we have an ability to exercise free will in its simplest form. It means that we have reached a fork in the road that requires attention. That fork comes in the form of conscious moments… experiences that can be measured by thought or feeling and acted upon in deed by intelligent reasoning. Choices have to be made so the path may continue. There is a destination.

At a fundamental level everything is divided into pairs. DNA is structured in base pairs. Electric dances with magnetic. Light is paired with dark. Yin with Yang… the list could go on. Pairs bring alternate perspectives. They define the principle of difference. Our role… is to choose between two waves of potential with the knowledge that each wave will bring its own unique experience.

The idea that there can be predetermined or fateful forks in the road relies on the fact that there must be a road to travel. Roads or paths do not manifest brick by brick as we walk along them but are already laid out before us. To experience choice or to be able to consciously reach “points” on the road where a decision is required there has to be two possibilities… two routes of potential. Pulses of attention or eternal awareness must therefore have the option and ability to traverse two simultaneous strands of conscious experience in order to immerse itself in the principle of difference.

If you look at the picture of the DNA helix above you might be able to imagine a pulse of intelligent Light traveling along an individual path whilst consciously experiencing everything that the path was meant to offer. When a cross road or junction in your (dual) life strands are reached then there is a choice to be made and that choice is made by desire and intent. We can choose to carry on along the same path, a path which can be measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days or even years… or we can choose to take the “other” direction.

The choice of change may of course bring about a sudden jolt in our lives but this is a natural consequence or outcome simply because the pulse of Light has now changed course and metaphorically speaking has jumped from one path onto another… perhaps this is why the “change” that is often experienced through mindful choice is turbulence and unsettling at first. After all… to make that change possible all manner of forces are having to work to re-balance energies and velocities that directional changes can bring. However, like the turbulence a jet airplane might experience it’s only temporary.

Think of the joy such changes can bring. The scenery has changed and the direction of energy flow is completely new. You might even find that the wind is now blowing behind you and assisting you along your journey with greater urgency rather than blowing in your face and doing everything in its power to stop you from progressing.

Which energy highway are you going to travel down?