The Fall of Wisdom

At a certain moment in eternal becoming, a singularity arises in the core of one galaxy among countless galaxies in the Universe. This singularity is a spontaneous rush of new potential, totally unconditioned and undefined. It emerges from that one universal source which is the eternal dwellpoint of every galaxy, but in each galaxy standing unique so that originality can manifest through the Universe. In each galaxy, the Originator is the all-pervading presence greater than any god, any single divine entity. It stands beyond time and space and matter, yet it comes to expression time and time again through the Pleroma, the central vortex of a particular galaxy.

Within the Pleroma dwell the aggregate of cosmic gods, energy waves of the galactic dimension. They circulate around the core, massive currents of living luminosity thriving with sound, odor, even taste. Their form is a serpentine, torrential streaming, their substance, a nougat-like mass of self-generating luminosity. These Pleromic currents receive the singularity of pure potential from the Originator and spin it into expression. They convert the formless seed of originality into a standing wave design that can eventually appear in space, time, and matter beyond the galactic core. The Originator imposes nothing on these cosmic designing powers, the Generators or Aeons. The singularity it releases to them is an undefined potential for novelty, without signature, non-encoded. It has no predesigned structure. It is pure, unconditioned possibility. The singularity is like a vast but infinitely soft tremor that erupts from the galactic core and spreads through the choral waves of the Pleroma, the aggregate of Aeonic torrents.

In every case when a singularity emerges in the galactic core, it comes to be designed differently by the Aeons of each galaxy who are infinitely creative, innovative, and playful. Once designed, the singularity can be projected from the core into the outlying region of the limbs, the spiral arms circulating around the core. This region is the realm of finite potential, the Kenoma, contrasted to the infinite potential of the Pleroma, matrix of the Generators.

The spiral arms are regions of constant activity. Like a mill wheel, they grind out stars, planets, comets, and asteroids from the grist remaining of previous galaxies. The dema, the dense elementary matter arrays of the spiral arms, are chaotic and inorganic, consisting of atomic matter and even finer substances, mere quantum foam. Yet the dema has self-organizing powers of a sort, so that it can form and reform itself plastically into the scaffolding and groundwork of many world-systems. The endless reworking of matter in the spiral arms is subject to the mill-like mechanism of involution, including mass-bound attraction-repulsion and differential rotation, forces that are entirely absent in the galactic core.

The nougat-like mass of the galactic core pulses with the dance of alternating currents, gendered energies. The male currents stream through the Pleromic mass with an encoring action, like filaments extruding from a sieve. The female currents stream with an expulsive power that hollows out the way before them. Encoring and decoring are the constant gender expressions of the Generators.

In one particular galaxy, a singularity from the Originator is received by two Aeons with the equivalent of gender, female and male: the Aeon Sophia and her counterpart, the Aeon Thelete. This name means “the intended” or “free will.” In a tandem activity, these two balance the singularity between them and dance it into a particular design.

Each Generator is an energetic wave with inherent properties and characteristics. As a current moving along optical fibers can carry signals, so do these wave-forms carry vast arrays of configurated impulses. The receiving Aeons impart to the singularity a select combination of their attributes, making a unique design, never before manifested. By their combined activity, they imbue the singularity with a set of inherent properties derived from their own impulses. They encode its pure potential with definite properties that can unfold in a distinctive way when provided with a world-system as a setting for those properties. In this instance, Sophia and Thelete design a life-form, the template of a species, the Anthropos. The specific configuration of the Anthropos is an expression of the creative vision of the cosmic dyad, the pair of Generators. The human genome originates in a dance of cosmic energies in the galactic core.

Buddhist yab-yum: iconographic image of mating gods, which may be compared to the coupling of Aeons in the galactic core. However, Aeons dance, they are energetically and emotively in motion, whereas the yab-yum is a static image. Nevertheless, the same archetypal idea of divine union is expressed in both cases. It must be noted, however, that the designing gods or Pleromic Generators do not propagate by analogy to biological reproduction; rather by analogy to play, an act of pleasure. The Gnostic vision story follows the narrative norm of Hindu Tantra according to which Shiva and Shakti, the gendered energies, produce the world from the vibrations of pleasure generated by their intercourse, not by insemination and conception due to intercourse. This distinction illustrates the difference between emanationist (non-reproductive) and creationist (reproductive) cosmology.

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