Invisible Light

Extraordinary knowledge written at the turn of the 20th century by an extraordinary man called George Woodward Warder. His book “invisible light or the electric theory of creation” sits with modern “electric universe theories” can be read or downloaded at the link below.

First ; Electricity is the medium and agency of creative power in the evolution and government of the universe. That when God said ” Let there be light, and there was light,” that light was the lightning flashes and currents of electricity, which came forth to illumine chaotic darkness, and began gathering the invisible atoms, and etheric nebula of space into suns, and worlds. It was the word ” light” which unbound and let forth the protean power, and cosmic forces, of light, heat, and electricity, under which all physical energy manifests itself, and which is the creative energy of the universe.

Second ; Electricity is the medium and connecting link between spirit and substancCy soul and body, mind and matter, dust and Deity , God and the universe.

Third; What we call the attraction of gravitation and cohesion are the unseen forces of electric magnetic attraction.

Fourth ; What are known as the centrifugal and centripetal forces in nature, and all the movements of atoms and worlds, are produced and controlled by this universal electric  magnetic svbstance.

Fifth ; All light, heat, and force in nature is electricity in some of its forms, and constitutes the great chemist wonder-worker and builder of the universe.

Sixth; The Omnipotent Creator holds the revolving earth, the planets, and all stellar systems of infinite space in the grasp of his boundless power and intelligence, by means of this subtle, invisible, potential agency. As man controls his body by the electric cuiTcnts that communicate his thoughts thereto, so God controls the universe by the electric currents in nature. The vast universe hangs upon nothing in empty space but the invisible arms of electricity; but they are the invisible arms of Deity.

Seventh ; All matter is one matter, and matter has no intelligence. There is but one substance, of which all material things are created, which has its foundation in the invisible elementary atoms of ether, and which by marvelous electric combinations and aggregations is changeable into infinite and varied forms and functions; electricity being the propelling force in its changes and evolutions. Matter has no intelligence, but through electric energy of attraction and repulsion, has electric affinity selection and repulsion.

Eighth ; There is but one spirit, the Creator of all things; the Father of all spirits. ” In whom we live, move and have our being.” All souls are atoms of the one spirit in varied forms and degrees of intelligence; and each is aspiring as it has opportunity to infinite knowledge and happiness, and in the ultimate ages will attain to both.

Ninth ; There are but three indestructible original entities in the universe of which all things are composed of spirit^ matter^ electricity. From these triune substances or entities God produces the wonders of boundless creation. Two are invisible, imponderable realities, but none the less real.

Tenth ; Man is an epitome and likeness of the universe, in that he is a powerful magnet like the suns and worlds and all living organisms. He is the combination of all entities and has a spiritual as well as a physical body. The spiritual body permeates every atom of the physical body, preserves its autonomy and gives it intelligent conscious life. Man controls his body as God controls the universe by electric magnetic currents. These currents run along the nerves and tissues of man’s body like connecting electric wires communicating the spiritual command to matter, causing it to obey the behests of its spiritual master.

Death is the departure of that spiritual master from its transient tenement — the separation of the spiritual body from the physical body. Death is the key that unlocks the door to another life. The physical body then goes back to its natural elements. The spiritual body goes like a flash of electricity to the sun or central suns, which are the realms of departed spirits. The spiritual body at death knows its destiny as the needle knows the pole, as the earth knows its orbit, as spirits comprehend space and futurity. It needs no previous knowledge of its destiny. Its spiritual conception and infinite perception are all-suflScient. There can be no punishment after death, except remorse for evil deeds, for only through memory can the pangs of suffering assail the soul. You cannot punish spirit as you do tangible matter. You cannot burn it in fire, drown it in water, puncture it with a spear, cut it with a sword, or nail it to the cross. It can soar untrammeled where matter never has been, and once created is forever indestructible.

Eleventh ; The will of God is the law of nature, which is made manifest to the material world by electricity operating through, and permeating all matter. God’s will is promulgated in nature as man’s will is made known to his physical body, by the electric currents that communicate his wish and purpose thereto, and which become through nature’s laws almost automatic in their rapidity and ease of operation.

Twelfth; Spirit which is supposed to be beyond the realm of positive science, is the eternal vital controlling force back of all matter, and all electric forces, and is the greatest factor in the science and philosophy of all things.

Spirit is known by its phenomena or effects almost as well as electricity and magnetism, and should have a place in science by the side of invisible imponderable matter, and the invisible potential forces of electricity. The spiritual is the foundation of the real the life seed of all material organisms, as electricity is the invisible energy of their growth and development. No temple was ever built, no picture painted, no poem written, no world created, no blazing sun sent forth until there was a spiritual creation of the same in the mind of man or Deity.

Every structure, organism or form in the material world is the product of a spiritual intelligent conception and construction emanating from the soul of God or man.