The Shakedown

When I use the termeternal to describe the source of everything or what is commonly referred to as reality or whether I use the term immortal to describe the life-force (awareness) that observes all (conscious) moments… what does it represent, what is it I am trying to say when I talk about infinite Love, why infinite Love and not infinite Hate, are the two separate or do they come from the same thing.

Many religions posit that because of God(s) there was a beginning and in that beginning God(s) created the heaven and earth. To some degree modern cosmology agrees with this because it theorizes the universe had some-kind of beginning – albeit through asingularityrather than an act of deified creation. That said, the big-bang theory is as much a figurehead to science as God(s) is to religion, whether either concept comes close to explaining the fundamental…

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