The Archetypes of Creation

The intelligence that is “everything” there is and ever will be exists at the core of every spinning vortex of matter. The (aether) “waters” are spun to create the principle of duality through phase changes… motion “stirs” up the aether into a heart beat and the first frequency (wave) and sound is manifest and its “mirror” image creates the standing wave.

The original source cannot know itself without something to compare and measure it-self against. The zero represents the imagined copy of it-self as the primal step in self awareness. The minimum requirement for self awareness necessitates at least two objects through which to measure and provide definition.

The zero is the first sentient frequency although it is not 100% identical because the zero is only as perfect as the imagining of perfection. To know it-self the original source must define it-self within the endless expanse that is it-self.

When you look in a mirror and wave with your right hand you’ll notice your reflection is waving back at you with its left hand. In fact, everything you do your reflection will work in opposition to you. God(s) reflection is opposite and so therefore the nine (9) universe is synonymous with anti-god(s) or everything un-God-like.

This is the basis for heroes and villains… something critical for any plot.