Big Bangs, Space, Russian Dolls & Immortality

When I use the term eternal to describe the source of everything or what is commonly referred to as reality or whether I use the term immortal to describe the life-force (awareness) that observes all (conscious) moments… what does it represent, what is it I am trying to say when I talk about infinite Love, why infinite Love and not infinite Hate, are the two separate or do they come from the same thing.

Many religions posit that because of God(s) there was a beginning and in that beginning God(s) created the heaven and earth. To some degree modern cosmology agrees with this because it theorizes the universe had some-kind of beginning – albeit through a singularity rather than an act of deified creation. That said, the big-bang theory is as much a figurehead to science as God(s) is to religion, whether either concept comes close to explaining the fundamental nature of reality is certainly up for debate.

After its initial expansion from a singularity, the Universe cooled sufficiently to allow energy to be converted into various subatomic particles, including protons, neutrons, and electrons.

So if I hypothetically rewind time to the moment just before the big-bang it is alleged that I will find myself at an immensely hot place/condition that has no volume but is infinitely dense with energy/matter. Can you see the contradiction?

The star eventually collapses to the point of zero volume and infinite density, creating what is known as a “singularity.”

Above we have the alleged conditions for creating a singularity, i.e. a singularity appears to  spring from a dead or dying star. How and why such a process would occur is unclear… but lingering deeper inside this abstract rabbit hole is the idea that the universe, if it was birthed from a singularity, was birthed from a dead star and into a universe. Elsewhere on the NASA website the wording for a singularity is slightly different and infinite curvature is introduced into the ballpark although perhaps this is the same as saying infinite spiral or vortex, even so, spirals have shape and dimension, how else is a spiral defined.

Actually at the center of a black hole spacetime has infinite curvature and matter crushed to infinite density under the pull of infinite gravity. At a singularity, space and time cease to exist as we know them. The laws of physics as we know them break down at a singularity, so it’s not really possible to envision something with infinite density and zero volume.

Descending deeper into another kind of abstract rabbit hole…

In the new work, The Grand Design, Professor Stephen Hawking argues that the Big Bang, rather than occurring following the intervention of a divine being, was inevitable due to the law of gravity.

“Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing,” he writes. “Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist”

Stephen Hawking was and probably still is seen by some as a key player in black hole science and so he must be perfectly aware that the assumed conditions of a singularity are heat and compressed matter… both of which are something and not nothing. When you deconstruct statements like this you have to wonder when gravity become a law of creation rather than an effect we actually know precious little about, did I miss one of the greatest discoveries of physics.

Many scientists (for some reason) do their best to disassociate themselves from intelligent design or creation myths but at the same time allow room for exotic black holes and unobservable singularities, dark matter and energy etc. It may turn out to be true the universe began as a focused point of force in an infinite sea of energy but the energetic ‘source’ should not be dismissed. Its real.

Scaled down, energy (electric) fields have been shown to communicate in and around the human body through energetic communication, that is to say, information is transferred between the energy fields of human hearts. Either energy or force carries information or it IS the information. See SCIENCE OF THE HEART.

The following links place common understanding of the universe under the microscope. It’s easy for anyone to claim the Big Bang and black holes have been falsified but you the reader have to read and figure out what is science and what is science fiction.

Space the final frontier

What is space?

Modern physics defines space as a boundless three dimensional extent.

Space is boundless because it IS the original source. The essence of space is immeasurable and therefore dimensionless (by default). To qualify as three dimensional space needs to have structure like a cube or a sphere. Have we ever reached the outer limits of the universe… the edge of space and measured it? More about this shortly.

Empty space is believed to be a vacuum or a place that doesn’t contain matter. But what IS ’empty’ space that separates matter… if there wasn’t ‘something’ separating matter there would be no space. The fact there is ‘space’ separating matter tells you the attributes of space are not emptiness but some aether-type medium, because this medium is immeasurable it is therefore undetectable. Whatever this substance… it defines volume between matter. Space is not empty. The medium may be ’empty’ in regions where nothing has manifest or become structured.

This medium is eternal. We know it’s there by virtue of the fact it separates pieces of matter. You can imagine it by visualizing yourself suspended in a crystal clear sea that extends in all directions. You wouldn’t even know you were in this until you tried to move whereas this source medium provides no friction.

Now if you visualize yourself floating through space and you remove all three dimensional objects emitting light how would you determine if you are moving when the blackness surrounding you has no visible depth, width or extension and provides no friction. Wouldn’t space extend only as far as you can reach and only be three dimensional around the region of your body. Do we not require three dimensional objects such as planets and stars and galaxies to be ‘visible’ in this infinite medium we call space in order to perceive length, width and depth.

That three dimensional objects exist within an immeasurable medium does not make space 3D it merely means that regions of the medium where three dimensional objects are present are defined by part of the medium called space. The key ingredient in all of this if you haven’t already figured it out is the conscious and intelligent observer. Without these 3D objects to look at an observer would be suspended in blackness without being about to sense, comprehend or perceive anything at all.

Systems within systems

In physics an open system can exchange energy with its environment. A closed system allows nothing to enter or escape its boundaries. The human body is an open system because it trades energy with its environment (gives off heat for example) but when it comes to the universe its generally assumed its a closed system – probably because it leads to the “what’s outside the universe?” question.

At a micro level exist cells. The cell is an open and closed system because it is surrounded by a protective plasma membrane which acts as a shield (amongst other things) to protect the inner organelles from their external environment. However, the plasma membrane also has ion channels that open and close to allow selected nutrients in and waste products out. The cell also has the biological equivalent of ‘antennas’ that can send and receive signals or information to and from other cells in the body.

If we scale up Earth is a planetary cell surrounded by a protective atmosphere plasma or ozone layer which allows radiation (such as light, radio and UV waves etc) to enter the atmosphere whilst blocking other potentially harmful radiation. In the same way that cells have ‘channels’ which allow nutrients to pass through the plasma membrane Earth has magnetic portals that open and close to allow streams of high energy particles into the atmosphere.

During the time it takes you to read this article, something will happen high overhead that until recently many scientists didn’t believe in. A magnetic portal will open, linking Earth to the sun 93 million miles away. Tons of high-energy particles may flow through the opening before it closes again, around the time you reach the end of the page.

The hermetic as above so below posits that reality is something like a Mandelbrot set of self similar repeating patterns, i.e. what processes we see at a sub atomic level we see in the body, on planets, in solar systems, star systems and galaxies etc. 

From Russia with love

If you look at a picture of a Russian doll set you might be able to envisage how systems (universes) can be embedded within other systems (universes). In this example each independent doll represents an open and closed system embedded within a self similar system that appears to be without end in both directions. Each individual doll (universe) can be opened or closed (like cells) but the overall system, because it is self-repeating at scales remains isolated or constant – eternal.

Eternal is a little word that holds big meaning in terms of comprehending reality, people have developed various ideas throughout history about the nature of infinity but the fact that soulful awareness or Light is the essence of our intelligence which exists in a reality of light called the electromagnetic spectrum demonstrates at a fundamental level that our intrinsic nature is energetic and intelligent and it IS everywhere.

An argument that babies are born without intelligence shows intelligence is not eternal is moot. Energy is everlasting and so intelligence is eternal. To become unintelligent metaphorically and temporarily speaking you’d design a way of forgetting who you are.

Energy conservation is an empirical law of physics. In other words we can see it in action and therefore cannot refute it. It states that the total amount of energy in an isolated system remains constant over time. A consequence of this is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed: it can only be transformed from one state to another: for instance chemical energy can become kinetic energy.

When we consider the universe to be part of a scalable system or infinitely self similar it is much easier to understand eternity and question the idea that anything can actually be created in the truest sense of being created. Our understanding of nature tells us that the fundamental “stuff” of reality can neither be created or destroyed but only transformed into one form or another.

While in the popular mind, eternity often simply means existence for a limitless amount of time, many have used it to refer to a timeless existence altogether outside time. By contrast, infinite temporal existence is then called sempiternity. Something eternal exists outside time; by contrast, something sempiternal exists throughout an infinite time. Sempiternity is also known as everlastingness.