Tick Tock

Time is important in the grand scheme of things isn’t it. Time brings change, without time nothing would alter, nothing would come to pass, nobody would grow old, the seasons would stay the same, days would have no meaning.

According to popular wisdom time is a fundamental property of reality and when Albert Einstein combined time with space to create the space-time continuum most people applauded. However, in the context of this continuum space is considered three dimensional and time is seen as a type of fourth dimension, although not spatial, pause for thought on that and then ask what is a dimension if not spatial.

In physics and mathematics, the dimension of a space or object is informally defined as the minimum number of coordinates needed to specify any point within it.

Dimension is defined by structure and/or form. An immediate problem arises when trying to understand time as a dimension or as a part of space or an object. You cannot look into any space and look at time, you cannot point to it and say look at time whooshing by nor can you grasp any aspect of time as proof it can be grasped. We can measure change.

Time is motion. An observer has to perceive the motion before time can have any meaning. There is no need to glamorize time by dreaming up properties or qualities it cannot and does not have. Saying that time can be married to space to produce a space-time dimension is nothing more than a marrying of words.

Time is being aware of motion. Days turn into nights, the seasons change, the earth passes through various stages of its orbit, we eat, sleep, grow old and die physically. Even down to the vibration of atoms, things move, therefore ‘things’ change, conditions alter.

The measurement of change would not be possible without motion. Motion brings change not time passing by. Human beings perceive motion at the micro and macro scale and become aware of change(s).

In order to “ride time” (so to speak) awareness needs to be non local.