Points of View

In reality everything moves. There is no stillness, only that which is perceived to be still.

In the above diagram the central sphere can be seen as a transponder or a transmitter and receiver of information. Points Z and X also denote transponders in a network or circuit communicating with one another. Transferring information between points. For the purpose of this analogy the sphere and points Z and X can be seen as intelligent observers that are able to perceive, decode and transmit information from their location.

The blue vortex in the above diagram denotes the anticlockwise direction of information spiraling towards the central (observer) sphere and simulates expansion from point Z (observer) towards the central sphere and the red vortex denotes the clockwise motion of information spiraling from point X (observer) towards the central sphere simulating expansion. In both instances the central sphere will experience compression as it receives information from points Z and X and both Z and X will experience compression as they receive information from the central sphere. This is a two-way (simultaneous) communication process between points or nodes.

0 > 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 > 9

9 < 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 < 0

The sphere (observer) is synonymous with the ‘base’ pairs (4’s and 5’s) in the above number counts and the 0/9 and 9/0 are synonymous with the Z and X transponders (observers). Information relayed between the points is defined by the numbers 1 to 8 that run in both directions. The 0/9 node or Z transmits the red information while simultaneously receiving blue information and the 9/0 node transmits the blue information while simultaneously receiving the red information.

The illusion is expansion and contraction. Information is traveling between nodes of awareness and this information is perceived as two directional motion. These nodes structure a matrix of awareness or a vast circuit of conscious experience(s).

Self awareness

The primary source can only be imagined. We cannot really name it because it is collectively every name and word that has ever been imagined and/or uttered. The word original or originality comes close.

This original source is not God(s) although it has often been imagined as such. When you look at the picture above try to imagine an infinite ocean extending in every direction where no surface waves or base sands can be seen and you will grasp the potential of this sea of originality. There is no beginning or end to it. It just is.

God(s) is the imagination of the Original. God(s) is a sentient thought manifest as a universe within the original medium. God(s) is an idea expressed within a near-infinite matrix of experience best described as a system reflecting the principle of Russian dolls or universes within universe within universes. God(s) is a defining (universal) bubble within an ocean of intelligence, a copy or a mirror image of one frequency. This frequency is synonymous with the number zero in image and form in that is unchanging, boundless, and infinite in its potential.

Within these defined god(s) universes the totality of everything exists at the core of a dual opposing spinning vortex. The waters are ‘spun’ and the dividing firmament or mirror plane creates the principle of duality, it is ‘motion’ cause that stirs up the stillness of the ocean and the first frequency (wave) or sound effect is manifest.

The original source cannot know itself without comparison. It cannot comprehend it-self without ‘something’ to measure it-self against. The first phase in the process of self-illumination is the idea of the zero-sphere or god-like-universe(s) which is the incomprehensible imagination  of it-self. The minimum requirement for self awareness necessitates at least two objects (dual) by which to measure and provide informational definition and comparison. In essence the original copy cannot be 100% identical because it is only as perfect as the imagination of the Original. To know it-self the Original source must define it-self within the endless nature that is it-self.

Credit: Treeincarnation

The above spheres represent the infinite zero (universe) and its co-joined near-infinite doppelganger. Both are ‘expressions’ within an Original source.

0 > 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 < 9

The opposite reflection of the 0 is the number 9. You can define the 9 as an echo because the 9 can be manipulated or influenced by other frequencies (numbers) in that you can subtract from, multiply and divide it. In order to do this the 9 must have malleable non fundamental properties. The 0 on the other hand cannot be manipulated or influenced in any shape or form by other numbers/frequencies including the 9.

When you look into a mirror and wave with your right hand you’ll notice your reflection is waving back at you with its left hand. Your reflection works in opposition to you. This is the basis for heroes and villains. You are the 0 and 9 is your reflection.