Spirals – Ancient & Modern

Not to long ago “illuminated” spirals were seen by thousands of people in the skies of China and Norway and as one would expect speculation about the “source” of the events was rife. Explanations included UFO’s sending messages to electromagnetic testing of HAARP to “failed” Russian rocket testing

Spiral seen over China

As conspiracy theories reached fever pitch in relation to the Norway event popular media appeared to adopt the “official” likelihood that the strange display was a failed rocket launch and when the Russian Defence Ministry admitted responsibility it appeared that the story was put to bed. In support of the failed rocket theory several scientists even put forward computer simulations that showed an uncanny resemblance to the Norway event.

Norway Spiral Cloud Simulation

Before I rush off to congratulate the designer of a simulation for verifying this puzzling anomaly as a failed rocket launch I like to remember that a simulation is a simulation and that it’s incredibly easy to simulate anything when you can program in the correct algorithms – a simulation will do whatever you tell it to do.

Curiously however, numerous news agencies reporting the Russian admission also reported the fact that the Russians had created a no fly zone in and around the area where the spiral was seen the week before it happened – something that lends credibility to the explanations. Although I’m sure the conspiracy theorists out there would conclude that if secret weapon testing was taking place then it would be an obvious step to create a no-fly zone – especially if you wasn’t 100% certain what was going to happen.

Conspiracy and failed rocket theories aside I have been unable to find any pictures or videos of real-time rocket failures that even remotely resemble the spirals that were seen in the skies over Norway and China, surely there must be an abundance of examples that the military could release and say “look this is what we’re talking about” but unfortunately there was nothing other than an admission of guilt.

For verification purposes particularly when trying to explain something, “credible” evidence that clearly shows a resemblance to the explanation being offered is crucial at the very least for clarity. Simulations being offered as “key” evidence simply won’t do and admissions of guilt are simply admissions.

Failed rockets

Anyone that has been educated in the sciences or the philosophical disciplines will most probably appreciate the principle known as Occam’s Razor

In summary:

The Razor generally recommends selecting the competing hypothesis that makes the fewest new assumptions (also known as postulates, entities) when the hypotheses be equal in other respects.

Now bearing in mind that the overwhelming influence of the media was to imply that the strange events were down to rocket failures how does one explain the following picture of a very similar spiral that was pictured in deep space? Are we to assume that NASA or the Russian space agency were conducting deep space missile testing or do we accept the official explanation for this “weird” anomaly as:

The photo shows an unusual pre-planetary nebula called IRAS 23166+1655 as it is forming around the dust-shrouded star LL Pegasi in the constellation Pegasus.

Image Credit Space.com

Is the above explanation credible for this “strange” space anomaly and if so is there a “link” between this and the strange lights seen over China and Norway? Well, nebula formation in the atmosphere is very unlikely. 

Interestingly a quote from the astronomers attempting to explain away this similar “weirdness” reveals a certain logic that crushes the theory of a failed rocket test for the other events.

What makes the Hubble photo stand out is its odd, but thin, spiral pattern winding around the star with unexpected regularity…

The same can be said of not one, but two, failed rocket launches that just happened to produce “unexpected” but perfect symmetrical patterns. What are the chances of that I wonder?

The image of WR 104 was taken in April 1998 at the Keck telescope in Hawaii only on this ocassion the event is seen as a spiral star with apparent deadly potential… again this event was taking place in deep space and yet it shares surprising similarities with the atmospheric events over China and Norway, are we to assume that a spinning star was responsible for the events in China and Norway…

 Credit: WR104

Link to a time-lapsed movie of WR104 can be found HERE

Now compare that with a close up of the Norway spiral HERE

An alternative explanation about WR104 can be found with the electric universe theory HERE

Rather than gas and dust flung out by two stars in pirouette, these structures reveal the characteristic hourglass formation of a z-pinch.

Helical structures abound in the Universe. Galaxies, planetary nebulae, hurricanes: all exhibit characteristic shapes that have been identified in past Picture of the Day articles as electrically induced formations.


Now if we were to regress back in time how does one explain ancient artwork depicting spirals, artwork that dates back thousands of years. Remembering that our ancestors didn’t have fancy computers, cameras or video players to record events that they may have been witnessing in the skies above them, they carved into rock or stone.


To view a wide selection of ancient artwork “spirals” visit HERE

Returning to my point about Occam’s razor and the search for the “simplest” explanation of these strange phenomenon perhaps we should look to natural events or indeed look at the clues offered by nature when trying to fathom what is going on, rather than attributing them to fanciful UFO experiences, failed military exercises, weird Nebula’s or even distant spinning stars.

Within nature itself there are untold instances of “naturally” occurring spirals that follow the Fibonacci sequence or the Golden ratio, we see the pattern in sea shells, hurricanes and even distant galaxies.

The spiral pattern is inherent to nature, this is a fact, it is inescapable. 

Not only have we been able to photograph and video strange phenomenon  in deep space and earth’s atmosphere which have striking resemblances to “naturally” occurring spiral phenomenon, our ancient ancestors also (for whatever reason) carved images of the spiral pattern into rock and stone.

Were the ancients witnessing similarly strange events (at least in the sky) that we attribute to failed rockets or logic-defying spinning stars, and if so, what “naturally” occurring phenomenon might be responsible for producing these beautifully symmetrical patterns?

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