The Fractal Patterns of Nature

Self similar reappearing patterns “as above – so below”

Blood Vessels in the brain

Inside the Eye

Inside the Heart

Vision of Leaves

Satellite image over Burma


Satellite image over Norway

Lightening Strike

Satellite image over Kuching

Lichtenberg Figure

Lightening Strike


DNA Helix

Helix Nebula/Birkeland Currents

Deep Field Virgo Cluster


Total eclipse of the eye

Total eclipse of the Sun

Vesica Pisces

Southern Crab Nebula

Hurricane Fran

Nautilus Sea Shell

Hexagon Beehive

Hexagon Dragon fly eye

Hexagon shaped rocks

Hexagon ring on Saturns Pole

Hexagon on Saturns Moon Mimas

Six Fold (Hexagon) Shapes of Snow Flakes

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