Spherical Standing Waves, Transponders & Consciousness

Is a spherical standing wave the signature of a virtual transponder simultaneously receiving, translating and then re-broadcasting information?

All such radiant fields, starting with the simplest particle on any frequency phase level, are, in effect, spherical standing waves that follow a double helix spiral vortex Mobius Klein path. It seems obvious to me that the incoming wave is the compressive gravity aspect, and the outgoing wave is the expanding electromagnetic aspect.


tp = Transponder Node/Standing Wave

The Fractal nature of reality

A particle entirely alone in the universe could not have dimensions of time, length, or mass. These dimensions are meaningless without the existence of other matter because dimensions can only be defined by comparison with other matter.


The above quote by Prof. Milo Wolff highlights the conundrum facing a conscious entity wishing to know or understand itself. Despite the fact Prof. Wolff is referring to particles or tiny pieces of matter he could very well be talking about pre-defined conditions that are required to experience self-awareness. 

One entity existing alone in the universe cannot be aware of itself – this would be like trying to look at your own eyeball without a mirror. There would be no element of self-awareness without the existence of another entity against which comparisons of dimension (existence) can be known, a consciousness entity would need to exist in a minimum of two parts, a duality, in order to become aware of what and where it is. In other words, in order for the observer to become aware of itself it must also become that which is being observed as well as that which is observing.

The Fractal nature of consciousness

Do individual or clusters of particles (cells) simultaneously receive (in-wave) signals from other particles broadcasting information, do they then read the information and transmit response signals (out-wave?). When we go cellular level in the human body cells download information from their environment (input) and broadcast information to other cells in their environment (output).

If we expand this process a couple of orders of magnitude we can incorporate human beings into this analogy because each human being (the point particle or cell) is doing the exact same thing – simply at a much larger conscious scale.

Take a look at the following website.

Bruce Lipton – Lessons from the Petri dish

Having just listened to the follow audio of Milo Wolff here:


I have made note of the following points of interest…

What we are observing in nature is energy exchanges, there is nothing else taking place.

What is the nature of the energy being exchanged – is this an information exchange taking place, transponders exchange information as in recieve, read and re-transmit to create feedback loops with other transponders?


Is the point or focus at the centre of the standing wave acting as a virtual brain. As in our brains (scaled up) can gather information going in – can read it – and then transmit it. Obviously because we are saying the standing wave appears as a particle that’s like saying our brain appears as a brain – but at a fundamental level, simply scaled up, its really a focus point of consciousness looking at (becoming aware of its presence) the information, reading it (becoming aware of its value) and transmitting its signal (its conclusions) in whatever form.

More from Milo Wolff’s audio;

A Wave requires time and space. In other words you have an amplitude of the wave and the amplitude takes place in 3D space, and then it moves, something moves, so that those dimensions change. So what one really has to deal with is time in space or Time and motion. Well time is motion in space.

Everything depends upon the observation of changes in space.

Without a state of self awareness in which motion and change can be identified from a relative position of observation there would be no meaning of motion and change. It is dependent on conscious observation, or the idea that one becomes “aware” of what is changing.

A word about time.

I’m not the biggest fan of Miles Mathis but we share similar ideas on time – in that I think it is a tool for perceiving change via motion. Can we define space as stillness – as in the space between particles (or standing waves) being at complete rest because we can then arrive at stillness and motion (two sides of the whole coin) rather than a meaningless seperation called space and time.


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