One Substance

The one substance that remains consistent in all people even when everything else such as gender, height, weight, colour of skin, colour of eyes and knowledge has been stripped away is “awareness/consciousness”. At its root this is the one defining quality that shows every human being is exactly the same and equal. This is apparent when we are born. We have a basic life-force.

We are born into different families, different environments and different circumstances – but these qualities we are not born with, instead we inherit our families, our environment and our circumstances. Sometimes these are good and sometimes they are bad. The basic substance for our being when we are born is a primal awareness/consciousness. If you put half a dozen healthy newborns in a room neither one is better than the other in terms of their conscious/awareness capabilities, they are equal.

We frequently hear the expression “we are one” but what does this really mean? Does it mean that 6 billion people on the planet can unite to become “one” minded or should this be interpreted in the literal sense, that actually 6 billion individuals are not separate entities, but at some fundamental “conscious” level are “one” and the exact same thing.

If you look at the above plasma globe try to imagine that the “one” source of conscious/awareness is the central plasma focus. Each strand of energy is essentially an individual “life-line” and the small focus point at the end represents “individual” conscious/awareness. You can see there is no individuality (as such) because each strand and its subsequent focus point is manifest from and part of the “one” original source.


Is “one” consciousness expressing itself through many different forms so that it can know itself from as many diverse perspectives as possible. As “one” substance how can it become self “aware”. As one thing it would have no means of looking at itself, in the same manner that you can’t look at your own eyeball without a mirror are the strands and their focus points the mirrors. Must there be at least “two” parts (the duality) for there to be self awareness, if not, how can one thing know itself.

If this “one” substance with near infinite power knows everything and all there is too know because it IS everything and all there is to know why would it create “finite” experiences, are these finite experiences a distraction, a state in which IT can erase memory of it-self and forget (at least temporarily) the magnitude of what it really is.

How could a substance that by definition is “everything” forget what it is, could it contract, i.e. squeeze or pinch the knowledge of itself to such a degree that the understanding of “everything” is compressed into a thread of light so narrow that its field of vision is reduced to the point where it becomes knowledge-less, like a newborn.

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